About Dank Beards

My Name is Jeff

And my beard is dank.

My journey began in 2006. I woke up one morning with severe heartburn, and ended up in the ER a few hours later with numbness in my left arm, chest pains and shortness of breath. I failed an EKG, and spent the next four nights in a cardiac ward. I was only 34 years old. My health was poor. I was overweight, sedentary, stressed and ate an awful diet. I knew I needed to make changes.

I started questioning everything, not only what I consumed, but the products I used on my skin, in my home and in my life. I researched ingredient lists and identified chemicals I was no longer comfortable using. I was introduced to essential oils and their uses in natural cleaning products. I purged a number of toxins out of my life, and by the time I met my wife five years later, almost every cleaning product I used was homemade.

Experimenting With Natural Ingredients

My first venture into skin care products came through development of a salve to help my wife manage her psoriasis symptoms. The relief was real! I shared my salves with others, and their experiences were similar; my products were helping people, and this brought me unimaginable joy.

A Better Beard

While I enjoy making oils and salves for others, I also enjoy treating myself. I had grown a respectable beard, and I needed proper beard maintenance products. I had been introduced to CBD and the many benefits of this terpenoid, and CBD was a natural ingredient I was eager to apply to my fledgling line of skin care products.

Thus, Dank Beards was born.

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